Welcome to SeqNet.org

If you would like to become a SeqNet.org participant you need to do the following:
  1. Download the Rules for procedure, read them carefully and fax the signed last page
  2. Send us an email telling us that you would like to participate
  3. Send us your full contact address
  4. You will receive certification DNA from us for analysis
  5. Download from the website the spa chromatograms for further analysis
  6. You will get by email a letter of certification procedure
  7. Send us back the spa typing results as an excel file, containing reliability and if using Ridom StaphType synchronize with the server as described in the letter of certification procedure.
  8. After passing the certification successfully, you will get a certificate and your name will be put onto the website
  9. Up to now, no further costs will be charged by SeqNet.org
  10. Welcome to SeqNet.org

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